Been messing around with Cinema 4D the last few weeks- half planned and half crazy render jisms. Good times had by all, except my graphics card..

I’ll be posting more soon, but this was one of the crazier renders that came blurching out and got some photoshop treatment.

I have no idea what I’m doing and lovin it.

Made it into the SIGGRAPH 2014 Spacetime Poster competition this year! While my design was one of the few accepted for the jury, it didn’t place, but it was printed and put on display on the floor. Pretty cool.

The theme for the competition was- you guessed it- “Naturally Digital”.
I borrowed design elements from a video project I had worked on previously and reworked them into a more contrasted darker print design. Although as a good friend was keen to point out, it’s eerily similar to the twilight book covers..


Maybe if I read more shit books I’d have a better shot at the next competition…


While go and I pick up a copy of Fifty Shades check out the rest of the entries over at at the Siggraph 2014 Spacetime poster gallery.


Standing at my bedroom window looking out at two distant water towers.

I was maybe three or four but in that moment I realized that the world was much larger than I had realized.

Thankfully I still have those moments.